Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fried Bologna & Cheese Sammy

2 pieces of favorite bread
2Tbs butter
2 slices favorite cheese
1 thick slice (or 2/3 thin) of bologna (we like turkey bologna here)

In a preheated pan fry up the bologna to your liking. If you use the thin put a little slice in the middle so that it doesn't bubble up too much. Take out of pan and put on plate, cover with foil or another plate. Butter the bread as if making a grilled cheese sandwich. Place butter side down in pan. Put 1 slice of cheese on bread, then bologna, then cheese, and finally the other piece of bread butter side up. Fry up like a grilled cheese.

Plate and eat. Sometimes I'll squirt a little mustard on the bologna before the cheese. This is also an excellent sammy to put in a Panini press (I sure wish I had one). Enjoy!

Yikes, did you just call it a Sammy?? I'm going to start calling you Rachel Ray!
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